LP Release Party – SOLD OUT!


Before the show

Before the show



I’m starting to believe that the most important moments in life seem to happen really quickly, that way we can remember everything about them. We felt like rock stars last Saturday.

PRE-SHOW MADNESS: We met at my house before the show at 5:30pm to pack up the gear and merchandise. The guys went on ahead of me, but Daniel had to come back at 6pm because my car wouldn’t start. It’s been having this mysterious electrical problem lately that drains the battery when it’s parked, but when Daniel got back to the house and we tried jumping the car, nothing happened. Daniel discovered that the car was in drive, and that it didn’t need a jump in the first place. At around 7:15 during sound check, I discovered that I had forgotten my guitar strap, so I drove back home. Upon pulling into the driveway, I got a call from Brian. “I found your strap in the back of your amplifier.” I drove back to The Continental Club. Geez, pull it together, man. When we did our sound check, I knew we were ready. The guys were so relaxed and focused on the show. The sound guy helped Clory setup while I ate tacos and spent a few minutes talking to my family. The doors opened at 8, and people started pouring in right away. I walked around and saw them checking out the copy of our album that they had just received at the door, and it made me really excited. Total strangers with our album who were going to leave after the show and pop it in the cd player for the drive home. THE SHOW: Clory knocked it out of the park with the acoustic guitar-violin-tambourine arrangement and her sister Beth singing harmonies. We talked for a minute before and after her set. Great things to come from Clory Martin. The band met in the green room right before we hit the stage. I looked at Marshall, Daniel, and Brian, and we all enjoyed the moment, this culmination of all the effort we had put forth in the past year and a half. When we walked out, the crowd went crazy. We opened with Lovebite, track 2 on the album, and things didn’t let up all night. The set flew by. Midway through the show, we presented DJ Melodic and Tina Zulu with the first copies of our album. A little over a year ago, DJ Melodic went into cardiac arrest and Tina organized a benefit for him, at which we won an 8-hour block of recording time from SugarHill Studios, “The Abbey Road of the South.” Our entire album minus a couple overdubs was recorded in that eight hours, so we were grateful that they were able to attend the release party and be thanked on stage. The night couldn’t have gone any better. A sold out crowd at The Continental Club on a Saturday night.

See you at the next one.  Many shows to come, hopefully all like this…


Thank you, thank you, thank you for coming.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for coming.


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