Nighthawks at the Station

Andrew on 90.1 KPFT’s Down the Highway

andrew at KPFT

photos by Javits 


After a full day at work, here’s how my first radio experience went down:


MONDAY 12/15


5:24 PM –Sunset.


6:00 PM – got home, picked out my show clothes, cleaned the harmonicas, cooked dinner (eggplant gnocchi, a favorite before shows- I think it’s the olive oil and lemon juice)


7:30 PM – packed up my guitar and drove over to Brian’s to order Runaway Sun stickers, bounce around t-shirt ideas and setup our digital distribution


9:30 PM—drove over to Clory’s house to practice for the Café Brasil show.  My first time seeing her in almost a month (traveling fools, we are).  So nice to hear her voice again. 


11:30 PM – Clory fell asleep, so I sneaked home to make my set list and have some tea.  Called Javits.




12:45 AM Picked up Javits from his apartment.  Good Morning!


andrew outside KPFT 1:15 AM – Arrived at KPFT, took a few photos outside, and then met Jonathan Gaskamp, host of KPFT’s Down the Highway.  Good Morning!  Snagged a cup of old station coffee, then more tea.


1:45 AM—wet down the harmonicas, added more songs to the set list


1:55 AM – Javits and I grabbed the gear and entered the control room.  Tuned the guitar, warmed up the voice.  Sound check in the cans.  More tea…

2:00 AM – While Javits snapped some photos, Jonathan told me that there are between 5,000 and 10,000 listeners at this time of night.  The studio room felt very warm and retro, and I started thinking about old photographs of families huddled around their radios.  When I was ten years old in Midland, TX I used to stay up late with my radio tuned in to 97 Gold waiting to hear The Beatles and The Beach Boys. I had these cassette tapes that were pieces of different radio shows spliced together; I fished for songs.  Two-for-Tuesdays were my favorite.  I smiled at the thought of some kid out there in bed with a radio next to his ear, the volume low so his parents wouldn’t hear, tuned in to 97.1 KPFT and listening to me sing!


2:05 AM – We’re on the air!  I opened with Once in a While. Jonathan wanted to hear it.  Javits snapped away, and after every song he gave me a thumbs up, and on and on we went.  When I got tired, Jonathan played a song off of the EP and I grabbed some water, and a few minutes later we were back on again. 


Andrew Tea 3:05 AM- “Wow, it’s been an hour already?”  I felt good.  I kept adding more songs to the set list.  I didn’t want it to end.


4:56 AM- Off the air!  Photos with Johnathan and Javits, then off to the small studio to record a station ID.  “Hey, this is Andrew from Runaway Sun and you’re listening to 90.1 KPFT Houston, Down the Highway…”  Javits recorded one too.

Jonathan, the



5:30 AM – Dropped off Javits.  Good morning!  Let’s do this again sometime!



6:00 AM – Breakfast burritos at home, changed clothes.


7:09 AM – Sunrise.  Back to work…


Noon – picked up Dad from the airport.


6:00 PM – Dinner with Dad


7:09- Sunset


7:30 PM – Rockets game (I slept through the second quarter and halftime).


11:00 PM- Good night!


Thank you 90.1 KPFT and Jonathan Gaskamp for inviting me to play on the air.  Javits, you’re a warrior.



Andrew KPFT - color

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  1. BB says:

    those photographs are amazing! Love the new site!!!

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